Mar. 12: Junior Reid at 19 Broadway

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Oh jeez, Junior Reid. We’ve seen your name on festival lineups and knew you were cagey in interviews about your stance on fellow dancehall artists’ homophobia, but now this? Your song called “Funny Man,” with the chorus “In Sunday school they teach us ’bout Adam and Eve, they never teach us ’bout Adam and Steve”? Are you for real, Junior Reid? Because it’s dumb enough to be a homophobe, but it’s just downright embarrassing when you fall back on the lamest redneck cliché in the world. Incidentally, who cares about what’s taught in Sunday school out of a grossly mistranslated book anyway? Oh, wait, that’s right, you do, because Rastafarianism is Christianity with dreads. We got this guy here in America, Pat Robertson, I think you two’d get along. And don’t be surprised if you see people outside your show this weekend holding signs that say “Junior Reid Is No ‘Artist’—Recycles Tired Slogans to Make Not-Very-Interesting Points” when you play on Friday, March 12, at 19 Broadway Niteclub. 19 Broadway, Fairfax. 9pm. $25. 415.459.1091.Gabe Meline



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