Letters to the Editor: November 9, 2016

'Well done, Boho'



Will Parrish’s “The Spigot” (Oct. 26) story is great journalism, well reported, clearly written and socially relevant. This is the kind of local reporting that the alternative weeklies were originally set up to do, because the mainstream corporates, such as the Press Democrat, have always ignored the lineaments of reality and do not produce journalism, but only advertising and political spin serving the Chamber of Commerce crowd. But I digress. Well done, Boho, and keep it up!


Election 2016

At election time, I always look for thoughtful endorsements such as your voter guide in the Bohemian‘s election issue. Since many of us these days vote by mail and are encouraged to fill out our ballots and mail them early, it would be helpful for you to publish this issue around the time that the mail-in ballots are sent out. I recommend that you follow this suggestion and then at this time, just before the election, you publish a simple clip-and-save list style voter guide for those who vote on election day or mail in ballots later.


Editor’s Note: Message received, Harry. We will be publishing future election issues earlier.

Thank you for your endorsement of Measure V in Sonoma. Unfortunately, however, you gave the impression Measure V bans all leaf blowers; it only bans gas-powered ones. Electric and battery-operated leaf blowers will still be completely legal to use in Sonoma if Measure V passes.

I also appreciate your endorsement of Proposition 56, the $2 increase in the cigarette tax. The campaign of lies by the opponents of 56 gives new meaning to the term “shameless.”


Next election, I will wait until your election issue is published before mailing my ballot in. The endorsements were so clearly written and understandable. Much more so than anything else I’ve read. Thank you!


Dept. of Corrections

In our list of endorsements (“2016 Voter Guide,” Nov. 2), we transposed Santa Rosa measures N and O. But we recommended a yes vote on both. We regret the error.

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