Letters to the Editor: May 31, 2016

All about Evans


Evans vs. Hopkins

There are few elected officials that Conservation Action has worked with over our 25-year history that match the skill set, professionalism and problem-solving abilities of Noreen Evans. Noreen started off in politics via appointment to the Santa Rosa planning commission. She ran for city council, and was a voice for ending gravel mining in the Russian River and pushed to get Santa Rosa’s polluting wastewater discharge to be diverted from the Russian River watershed. Her service to Sonoma County and the coast as an assemblywoman and senator are well-documented.

The cost of housing, Russian River water quality and watershed protection, the growing threat of climate change and an economy that is not keeping middle-class jobs at the forefront are all compelling reasons to vote someone with Evans’ experience and demeanor into the office of supervisor. We believe she offers a deep understanding of the issues at hand, and has a unique training and preparation for this job that none of the other candidates comes close to. We wholeheartedly endorse Noreen Evans for 5th District supervisor.

Executive Director,
Sonoma County Conservation Action

Lynda Hopkins says that she stands for ideals that most of us in the 5th District admire: affordable housing, city-centered growth and protection of our environment.  The question is, should we believe her? 

One of her biggest supporters, the California Real Estate PAC, has consistently opposed inclusionary zoning, one of our most important affordable-housing tools. She has many supporters from the development industry, whose profits are lowered by city-centered growth policies. Finally, three of her major donors are companies associated with Syar Industries, the company responsible for years of environmentally destructive gravel mining in the Russian River.

Hopkins’ supporters should worry my fellow 5th District voters; they aren’t donating large sums of money out of the goodness of their hearts. I’m voting for the candidate with a long record of fighting for the ideals we all hold dear.   Noreen Evans for 5th District supervisor.


So our daily paper endorsed the candidate backed heavily by real estate, developers, gravel miners and big wine for 5th District supervisor. While I’m sure Lynda Hopkins is a nice person, she has hired the same Republican consultant that brought us James Gore and Efren Carrillo, and is working to bring a casino to Cloverdale. 5th District voters are not fooled by this big money (much of it from the fourth district). Interesting that paper could find nothing to hit Evans with except a vote she took almost 20 years ago on the city council.

Noreen Evans has fought for many years for causes that are important to our district: preserving the coast, saving our parks, writing a homeowners bill of rights to protect families facing foreclosure and standing up for working people. If you compare the endorsements of the two candidates, you will see the progressives and environmentalists support Evans while big wine and big business support Hopkins. Evans’ endorsers have watched her and worked with her for years and know she has a proven track record.  That’s why I am voting for Noreen Evans without hesitation on June 7.


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