Letters to the Editor: May 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 29, 2013


Beaches Be Trippin’

On a recent Saturday, I headed down to Camp Rose Beach on the Russian River just outside of Healdsburg. I observed a large sign posted on the gate that claimed the beach was now a “Private Beach,” and no access was allowed. Interesting, to say the least, since the National River Law states otherwise. Any navigable river (that means by kayak, inner tube or any other floating device that carries a human) is public domain up to the high water mark of the river. Certainly the entirety of Camp Rose Beach falls into those parameters.

I explored other signs that were posted. One said that only residents of “Camp Rose” (which is a public street) could use the beach, and claimed that anyone else was trespassing.

Doing further research, I found out who claims to be the “new owners” of Camp Rose Beach, a couple by the name of Don and Jeannie Dana. I emailed them at an address they left attached to the sign asking “QUESTIONS?” (camprosebeach@gmail.com), but have gotten no reply so far.

The sheriff’s department assured me that Camp Rose is a public beach, so I think people need to know that Mr. Dana’s signing of public land is indeed illegal. Anyone is welcome to use the beach.


Into the Unknown

Yes, many questions remain to be answered about Sonoma Clean Power’s program, but that is not a sufficient reason to stop cities from voting to join. By participating, cities gain representation in the Sonoma Clean Power Authority to shape the program moving forward. That gives citizens a direct conduit and a voice in those important decisions, something we don’t have now.

More importantly, by voting yes, cities enable their constituents to choose. Those who care most about the cheapest possible electricity regardless of the source can choose to opt out.

City leaders will also get to choose who provides their municipal electricity needs. But their choice should not be imposed on you. By saying no to Sonoma Clean Power, however, that is exactly what they would be doing: imposing their choice to remain with PG&E on everyone within city limits.

Tell your city council you expect them to vote yes on Sonoma Clean Power so that you can choose based on your own values, not theirs.

Santa Rosa

Oysters Yes!

With respect to Lynn Hamilton’s letter about Drakes Bay Oyster Company and Pt. Reyes Seashore: While I would ordinarily share her opinion about a pure approach toward preserving our national parks, I guess I would say that there is something compelling about saving a small family business that has been part of the Pt. Reyes landscape for decades and that supports people in the community in a manner that is essentially kind and conscientious. When I weigh and balance what little impact these few families and the oyster farm have on the seashore, when I take into account the longevity of their tenure and the fact that there are several other working farms within the park, I would have to disagree with Lynn on this one. The positives of Drakes Bay’s ongoing residency in the park far outweigh the negatives.

There are plenty of hideous, horrendous, agonizing violations to the environment perpetrated by destructive corporate (and government) interests. Let’s work against them and work with the people in our community to survive together.


Dept. of Musical Illiteracy

In our story on the “Out of Order” art exhibit, we incorrectly identified the words “we must carry each other” as lyrics from the rock band U2. They are not. We regret the error.

Also, in our preview on “Max Wade” rappers Brilliant & Timbalias, we surmised that the beat and rhyming cadence of “Max Wade” was lifted from a Lupe Fiasco freestyle. In fact, the true source is more likely “B.M.F.” by Rick Ross.

Moral of the story: grow huge man boobs and grunt “uuunnngh” like Rick Ross, and kids in Marin will one day flip your beats to rap about Guy Fieri.

Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind

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