Letters to the Editor: June 28, 2017

Cause to pause; A very big mistake; On behalf of all; Done nothing to date


Sounds Fishy

Reading about the good work of Safe Catch (“Can Do,” June 14) bringing us mercury-free tuna was encouraging until I read that the safely caught fish are then shipped all the way to Thailand for cooking and canning. That gives me cause to pause on several levels. That’s a heavy carbon footprint, and what do we know about the working conditions of the Thai preparing your safe tuna?


Has Spoken

It is time for a legal medicinal cannabis facility in the city of Sonoma. The city council took up this issue on May 20, 2009, when I was mayor. Unfortunately, I took the advice of city attorney Tom Curry and recused myself. The result was a 2–2 vote, and the matter was unresolved. A very big mistake on my part.

Time, the council and voters have changed. The voters of Sonoma passed the concept of medical cannabis by a large majority. The voters have spoken. It is time to place a Sonoma medicinal dispensary on this council’s agenda. I will be in this year’s Fourth of July parade, and I openly ask the public to join us and support us.


Hats Off

On behalf of all who drive over the Laguna de Santa Rosa bridge, just east of Morris Street in Sebastopol: I’d like to thank the guys who worked on its construction. You did a great job replacing a narrow, funky structure with an open, wide, welcoming and even beautiful one. The pedestrian/bicycle sidewalks on both sides were much needed. Thanks to all who labored to build this bridge.


Pay Up

Wells Fargo directors and the senior executive layer should face criminal indictments. Their dereliction allowed breaches of personal and confidential information. Wells Fargo should have to restate profits and claw-back pay and bonuses to the senior executive layer, as these payments were based on illegal activity. This claw-back should go back as far as the investigation into the bank by the Los Angeles Times. California’s Treasurer, the Consumer Financial ProtectIon Bureau and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency have taken regulatory steps against Wells Fargo, but the Federal Reserve has done nothing to date, despite its statutory authority.

Santa Rosa

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