Letters to the Editor: February 21, 2018

California: Home of perverse far left values and radically insane opinions


Smoked Out

This is a great article (“Smoke Out,” Feb. 7). As someone with an addictive personality, my life has been vastly improved by attending meetings of Marijuana Anonymous. For many years I ended up smoking more than I wanted to, and I knew that I had a problem. I just didn’t know how to control my usage.

The great thing about Marijuana Anonymous meetings is that we all support each other in staying sober. There is no one in charge, nobody makes you do anything you don’t want to do, and it is fine for people to attend meetings and to not say anything if they don’t want to. I was very relieved to discover that Marijuana Anonymous has no connection to organized religion.

Attending Marijuana Anonymous meetings has improved my life immensely. When I was smoking everyday I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing the things that I wanted to do with my life. Now that I am sober, I have been able to do many of those things.

I know that there are many people who can successfully use cannabis periodically. I often wish that I was someone who could smoke once in a while without feeling the desire to smoke everyday.

Through the fellowship of Marijuana Anonymous and hanging out every week with other recovering Marijuana addicts, I have come to see that smoking once in a while is not an option for me. It has become very clear to me that I can either be sober or smoke everyday. With the support of my pals in Marijuana Anonymous, I have been able to live a sober life for many years and as a result I am much happier.

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All of us are potentially addicted to something: chocolate, fast cars, smartphones. Roughly 9 percent of all people who try cannabis will become addicted to it.

If you think you’re a recreational user, but find yourself planning your day around your cannabis use, you might want to have a really honest conversation with the (nonusing) people around you about your use.

Better yet, listen to former users at a typical low-key, non-judgmental MA meeting. Self-honesty is initially tough, but ultimately rewarding.

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Not into Newsom

Derived from your last answer, Lt. Governor (“Gav for Gov?” Feb. 13), what you “export that’s so uniquely California” is Californians—middle-class taxpayers who can no longer tolerate this state’s rapid descent into the identity politics of the far, far left; people are moving out of CA in droves because they can no longer bear to watch their once beloved and magnificent state decay into, well, a filthy, lower-class resident “s”-hole and proverbial safe space for perverse far left values and radically insane political opinions.

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