Letters to the Editor: August 16, 2017

'This is by far the worst president this country has ever had'


We Know Who You Are

Donald Trump is himself a white supremacist. The reason we are at all confused about that is simply because he doesn’t pursue white supremacy as a hobby; it is secondary to his primary interest, which is making money.

Let’s review the instances of blatant racism that President Trump has exhibited over the years:

•Discriminating against blacks in renting apartments during the 1970s

•Promoting the idea that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is not a true American

•Sending out a tweet plastering Hillary Clinton’s face on a Star of David with piles of cash

•Mocking Asians by speaking in broken English at a campaign rally

•Appointing racially insensitive Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

•Hiring Steve Bannon as White House chief strategist (the former executive chairman of racist and anti-Semitic Breitbart News)

•Putting Sebastian Gorka into the role of White House deputy assistant—a man who strongly defends white supremacy

This isn’t even an exhaustive list. This is by far the worst president this country has ever had. He makes George W. Bush look ethical by contrast.

And Richard Nixon’s Watergate looks like child’s play in comparison to the neverending ethical breaches in the Trump administration.

The Republican Party should pay a big price in the Congressional elections in 2018—for being responsible for the disastrous Donald Trump reality-show presidency. Let’s make it happen with a good strong victory for the Democrats. And please don’t quibble over details.


Great Again!

Wow! Our current administration has accomplished a great deal in its first six months. Look at all of the bans, sanctions, firings, resignations and investigations; budget cuts for art, education, health, science and the environment and budget increases for the military; no healthcare changes; penalties for sanctuary cities and marijuana use; pressuring neighboring countries, alienating allied nations and threatening major adversaries. Good goin’, guys!

Santa Rosa

Dept. of Corrections

Because of an editing error, last week’s Debriefer item about the sale of Star Route Farms misidentified the buyer as the University of California at San Francisco. The buyer is the University of California, a private Jesuit university unaffiliated with the state system.

Also, in last week’s cover story, “High Notes,” we errantly reported that Bill Graham produced the Last Waltz at the Great American Music Hall. He did not. The Last Waltz was produced at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom.

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