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Ain’t gonna happen

For years, I have been reading every issue of the Bohemian and enjoy it very much. I also read the Pacific Sun. One item I enjoy in the Sun is the “Trivia Cafe,” which is written by Howard Rachelson, Marin’s Master of Trivia.

It would be great if we could have a similar column in the Bohemian.

Rachelson can be reached at [delete], or better yet, if you could locate a Sonoma County trivia writer, maybe Gaye LeBaron would undertake writing the column?

It would be fun, and I know your readers would appreciate it.

Dave Johnson
Via email

Those indefatigable Blau Fans

A Bohemian reader made a keen observation and a great suggestion (Letters, “David Templeton’s New Best Friend,” Jan. 7). Is the Spreckels Performing Arts Center on the Press Democrat‘s shit list or something? They never review the shows there. I saw three fine productions at the Spreckels—You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Same Time, Next Year and The Glass Menagerie—none of which were reviewed by the PD and all of which featured Tara Blau in the cast.

I scour David Templeton’s reviews in the Bohemian just to be sure I don’t miss this wondrous actress onstage, because you can’t depend on the PD to give theatergoers the widest spectrum of theater happenings in Sonoma County. That also hurts attendance. The box office and the theater deserve our support, even—especially—in economic times as these. That’s why the Bohemian‘s David Templeton rocks!

That covers the reader’s keen observation. Now for his great suggestion: a feature interview with Tara Blau. Go for it!

Chris A. Lucas

Divine Reading

 I absolutely loved reading this article (Green Zone, “Divine Intervention,” Dec. 31)! It’s so refreshing to hear what’s hopeful in today’s dreary ecological and economic situations. What an incredible topic to cover. The title captured my attention and then kept me reading through the devastating issues with China just to find out what hope the title could possibly deliver. How fortunate for China (and the rest of the world) that despite all of the spiritual and religious oppression (i.e., Tibet) that Taoism would—of course!—have a stronghold; it’s the proverbial shoe in the door. I hope to hear about the many thousands of green activists reclaiming their country and lives. May the hopes of these individuals be realized! Good for the Chinese government to be including Taoist masters in their discussion of policy. It’s about time! Thanks to these masters for setting a green example and taking action. It’s a gleam of light to the rest of the world. If China can get green, who won’t?

Rachel Balunsat
Santa Rosa

Your letter gives us a quick chance to shout out about our new Green Zone columnist, Juliane Poirier Locke. A Napa resident, Juliane has written a book on sustainable winemaking and is a terrific new addition to our bristle of editorial voice. See her first column on p13.

The Trend in lobster liberation

A new lease on life at 140? That’s what George, a 140-year-old, 20-pound lobster, is getting thanks to a New York City restaurant that recently agreed to send him back to his ocean home.

PETA predicts that the trend in lobster liberation will continue. As we learn more about sea animals and how similar they are to us in so many ways, more and more people are having trouble with the idea of putting them on the table.


Like George, lobsters can live to be more than 100 years old, they recognize individual lobsters, remember past acquaintances, have elaborate courtship rituals, and help guide young lobsters across the ocean floor by holding claws in a line that can stretch for many yards. Lobsters can also feel pain, and they suffer immensely when they are cut, broiled or boiled alive.

You don’t have to send a lobster back to sea to make a difference; just keep these clever crustaceans out of the cooking pot and try healthy vegetarian foods instead. To find out more, visit [ http://www.lobsterlib.com/ ]www.lobsterlib.com.

Paula Moore
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)



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