Possum's posse speaks up; a kegger with Kavanaugh


Possum’s Posse

I am looking forward to visiting this pub in Santa Rosa all the way from Stockton (“Awesome Possum,” Sept. 18). I have tasted food cooked by Nico Silva before and he is a gifted chef. My mouth is drooling just reading about it.

—Helen Ferraz Guzman

via Bohemian.com

Makes me want to try this new pub more and more! I’ve worked with and was classmates with Nico at SRJC and look forward to meeting up with some of his wonderful gastropub food combinations. Talented, proficient and passionate. Keep it up, Nico!

—Steven Selby

via Bohemian.com

Congressional Kegger

Sen. Grassley: Good afternoon, Judge Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh: Burrrp. Sorry.

Sen. Klobucher: My father was an alcoholic who experienced blackouts.

Have you had blackouts when you drank too much?

Judge K.: Of course not. I have no recollection of blackouts. [Snarling] Do you have blackouts, senator?

Sen. Booker: Judge—

Judge K.: This whole thing is a circus, a travesty, a conspiracy orchestrated by the left wing!

Sen Feinstein: On the contrary, Judge Kavanaugh, this investigation is part of our Constitutional duty to advise and consent.

Judge K.: Look, to cool things off, let’s have a beer. I loved beer, as I testified earlier. I still love beer. In fact, I’d like a beer right now, more than anything. I love beer more than anything, even more than my family. Roll that keg in here, will you?

Sen Feinstein: Judge Kav—

Judge K.: Senator, I’ll bet you and Blum don’t drink beer! You drink $100 wines in San Francisco! But you can still have blackouts. Do you ever have blackouts, senator? Especially at your age . . .? [Takes big swig from a plastic cup.] Ahhhhhhhh. Burp.

Sen Harris: Judge Kavanaugh, that’s disgusting and incredibly inappropriate. You owe Sen. Feinstein and the rest of the committee a big apology for this outrageous behavior.

Judge K.: Ahhhhhhh.

Sen Harris: Judge . . .

Judge K.: Have you boofed, Sen.Harris? No? What about the devil’s triangle? You’re an attractive woman. Burp. [Finishes his pint.]

Sen Grassley [pounding his gavel]: Order! This meeting will come to order!


—Brian Boldt

Santa Rosa



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