July 23: At All Costs record release at the Last Day Saloon


No ghetto blaster in 1986 was complete without three breakdance staples: “Jam on It” by Newcleus, “Roxanne Roxanne” by UTFO and “Rumors” by Timex Social Club. Led by the exasperated narration of the group’s gossip-addled singer, Michael Marshall, “Rumors” was the only one out of the three to fly up the Billboard charts and become a smash hit across the Atlantic. Marshall appears as part of the At All Costs record release show this weekend, which is sure to be a hot time as the Santa Rosa group’s newest album, Delusions of Grandeur, is feted at an all-night party. Special guest Rappin’ 4-Tay, who dominated ghetto blasters in 1994 with “Playaz Club,” will be on the mic, as well as Myra, whose emancipation from her former squeaky-clean Disney girl image has resulted in some relieving electropop from the 22-year-old, locally based Latina singer. It gets crackin’ on Thursday, July 23, at the Last Day Saloon. 120 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. 9pm. $10. 707.545.2343.Gabe Meline



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