Into the Flow

A Happy Rant!


I ‌seldom rant publically when I am feeling high on life. But, as a devout sleuth regarding the mysteries of peak periods, and seeing as the past two days showered me with unexpected gifts, a positive rant is overdue.

Background: I’d been stewing for months over the erratic pay habits of two of my employers; one a large corporation, the other a local small-business owner. And while I’ve survived four decades as an “indie contractor” on “verbal agreements,” when money isn’t forthcoming I can slip into self-doubt or blaming.

Fortunately, my life skills include mindfulness and a few coyote-medicine tricks to re-enter more empowering states. During Thursday’s morning meditation, I managed to let go of trying to control or micro-manage the situation, and spent my day appreciating what WAS working all around me.

That afternoon, after coaching a young client in L.A. about his lack of money flow, I found in my mailbox a hand-delivered envelope with all the back pay owed by the local employer. An hour later came an unexpected resolution to returning a cushion I’d bought online: an offer from their customer service department to keep the item, along with a store credit for the amount of my purchase. An unbelievably generous offer!

I’m still on a roll. Doors are literally and figuratively opening for me. At the bank and the library, I’m keenly aware of each “Have a good day” greeting; even the worker at a self-bussing restaurant who took my tray for me; and my friend whose birthday we were celebrating over lunch. She, too, is having a week of sweet flow and gratitude.

Minutes ago an old friend I’ve wanted to reconnect with for ages sent me a message asking if I wanted to catch up this weekend. A lucky coincidence? Nah. My so-called luck turns on whenever I focus on appreciating my life, and then I experience everything from small wonders to amazing synchronicities. When I allow my ‘good’ to flow to me and through me; when I let go of resisting, and embrace the Play of my Moments—Life can be so good.

Marcia Singer, MSW, is a healing artist and performer and mentors stress reduction and self-fulfillment locally, in L.A.—and Denmark! Contact her Love Arts Foundation online. We welcome your contribution. To have your topical essay of 350 words considered for publication, write



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