Green Friday

Getting high on the season


On the morning of Black Friday, I arrived at my retailer of choice only 15 minutes early, expecting about the same from the crowd. At 9am, Santa Rosa’s Organicann would be opening its doors to hundreds of medicinal marijuana patients, eagerly anticipating “Green Friday.”

I followed the car in front of me for a couple of blocks past the dispensary before we were able to find parking. Taking my time getting out, in order to gauge the pace of the person in front of me, I noticed the driver was a sweet old lady. We exited our cars almost in sync.

“I hope you’re not going to be trying to cut in front of me,” she said, staring me down with a smile.

I laughed. “Maybe we can walk together! It sounds like we’re heading to the same place.”

We walked and talked for the couple of blocks, taking our time along the way. We shared stories, as well as anticipation for the deals and specials that awaited us. As we approached the facility, a multitude of cars passed by in the opposite direction—8:57am and here comes the rush. More excited, yet sleepy, patients arrived right on (stoner) time.

We were not going to miss this opportunity. Nine o’clock arrived. And what happened next? Pushing, shoving, mayhem, chaos? Not exactly. Calm friendly faces, hundreds awaiting in an orderly line, slowly made their way forward. One by one they entered, and inside there was more peace to be found—and weed, there was a lot of weed to be found.

During my time at Organicann on the morning of Green Friday, there were no dirty looks, arguments, fights or tears. Well, maybe tears of joy. Helpful employees, thankful customers, a little compassion and THC made all the difference.

So I guess marijuana is dangerous. Especially when it’s not being enjoyed.

Greyson Gibson is a Sonoma County based writer. His first novel is ‘Nowhere to Go But Everywhere.’

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