Feb. 25: StarSkate at Los Caballos


In its former life as Shakey’s Pizza, the unassuming building near a freeway overpass fed pepperoni and cheese to parents and arcade-game-playing kids alike. For the last several years, it’s been known as Los Caballos, a Latin nightclub hosting mariachi, salsa and reggaeton bands, but this Thursday the kids are back. Discovering new and uncommon places to play is a longtime tradition for the local underground community, and in a rare and needed move, the club is all-ages with a separate bar for those over 21 during the CD/cassette release show for Santa Rosa’s StarSkate. Named for another lost local kids’ wonderland, StarSkate play a furiously creative brand of instrumental rock, fronted by the labyrinthine mind of Guy Henry and fueled by a closely entwined rhythm section formerly known as the duo Batman vs. Predator. Fresh off a nationwide tour, they should be well oiled and smooth, like Swiss bearings. There’s even a bicycle caravan leaving the 440 Club beforehand to get to the show, which also features the Iditarod, Summer Blondes, A Pack of Wolves and Stalin’s Moustache on Thursday, Feb. 25, at Los Caballos. 3125 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa. 8pm. $5. 707.525.0161.Gabe Meline



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