Dec. 11: ‘Sutro’s: The Palace at Land’s End’ at the Rafael Film Center


Pee-laden swimming pools filled with unwashed, bratty kids are oftentimes the only option for those without oversized tubs of their own. San Francisco’s Sutro Baths, once the world’s largest indoor swimming pool establishment, burned down some 45 years ago, but in its heyday boasted seven pools, one freshwater and six saltwater, all with varying temperatures. ‘Sutro’s: The Palace at Land’s End,’ a documentary by Tom Wyrsch, explores the rise and fall of the once world-famous complex. Wyrsch appears in person to share the film on Sunday, Dec. 11, at the Rafael Film Center. 1118 Fourth St., San Rafael. 4:15pm. $10.25. 415.454.1222.



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