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Apres Nous

Je dis ça, je dis rien is a French idiom that translates literally as,...

Poetry as Prophecy

I’m hazy on the details, but apparently a couple of freelance astronauts parked a...

In Defense of G-ville

This arrived in my email a couple of weeks back: “I was dismayed to...

A Star is Bored

Why wait for the inevitable deluge of COVID-19-themed horror films when you can script...

Rolling the Bard

April 23 or so marks William Shakespeare’s 456th bday. For the sake of...

Verdant Veritas

Frances Rivetti’s ‘Big Green Country’

Seize life by the quote

When I first stood on the periphery of what we could call...

M-M-M-My Corona

Pandemic parodies
Sonoma County Library