Open Mic

Open Mic: Rep. Thompson Needs to Support a Federal Jobs Guarantee

"Not only would a federal jobs guarantee help establish economic stability and end involuntary unemployment, it would also be used to combat the unfolding climate emergency."

Open Mic: Sonoma County’s ‘Me Too’ Reckoning is Long Overdue

The recent revelations about Dominic Foppoli are the tip of a dirty and wretched iceberg that is long overdue to be destroyed.

Open Mic: Elk Deaths Mount at Point Reyes Seashore

The National Park Service has revealed that 152 Tule elk recently died under its watch. Political choices caused their deaths, writes Susan Ives.

Open Mic: School Districts Must Support LGBTQIA+ Community

"White supremacy and hatred toward LGBTQIA+ people are alive in Sonoma County," a group of local leaders writes.

Open Mic: Stop the Sweeps

"Sweeping homeless encampments is not a solution because it does not address a problem," Sonoma Acts of Kindness writes.

Open Mic: Learning from a Katsura Tree

By Scott Reilly I left my home and the sounds of the ocean, so close were the waves as I sat...

Open Mic: First Blossoms

The first blossoms of the spring season’s colors have exploded, coaxed on by the sun and the rains. Sunbeams earthward-bound...

Open Mic: P-Walking in Marin

A funny thing happened on the way to buy my daily scratcher. I was pulled over by a motorcycle...

Open Mic: Protecting Sonoma County from Wildfire

By Joan Broughton You come home to find your front door open. Inside, your laptop is missing, your wallet and...

Open Mic: Finding Wings Within Uncertainty

There’s so much to feel insecure about in my 75th year. I’m no stranger to mishap. But I can...
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