Open Mic

Open Mic: My Friend, Tony Good

By Nikki Silverstein I've been corresponding with an intelligent, quick-witted Pacific Sun reader for more than a decade. Tony Good...

Open Mic: What I’ve Learned

We are all in sales, but my advice: never take a sales class. Be knowledgeable, be honest and be...

Open Mic: Mooning

By Sandra Rae Davies Amazing moon Lets spoon Honey on crackers Cheese and laughter Mooning with you Makes me Crazy Wishing upon a star You’re not...

Open Mic: Driving Stress

By Ann Troy Driving is one of the most stressful things we do—and it brings out the worst in us....

Open Mic: Grieving Joyously

By Joy Appleby I just attended a funeral. It was not my first. At the other two services, my mind and...

Open Mic: Point Reyes National Feedlot Backed by Surprising Allies, Usual Suspects

Rep. Jared Huffman, a Green New Deal signatory, has staked out an anti-environmental position on an important issue in his own district.

Open Mic: How To Meet Rock Stars

By Greg Ceniceroz Everyone’s a rock star; it’s true. What is also true conversely, is that every “rock star” is...

Open Mic: Remembering the Californian, Gerald Haslam (1937- 2021)

He was the first real Californian that I met and got to know, back in the day when I...

Open Mic: Rep. Thompson Needs to Support a Federal Jobs Guarantee

"Not only would a federal jobs guarantee help establish economic stability and end involuntary unemployment, it would also be used to combat the unfolding climate emergency."

Open Mic: Sonoma County’s ‘Me Too’ Reckoning is Long Overdue

The recent revelations about Dominic Foppoli are the tip of a dirty and wretched iceberg that is long overdue to be destroyed.
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