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Jul 27, 2022

Notes from the Set of (Not) a Werewolf Film

When news editor Will Carruthers offhandedly suggested I write a dispatch from the set, he had no idea I had been keeping a production diary. Films are what I do when I'm not newspapering, and this particular film, presently titled Wolftone, is a bit of Gen X angst spun as...
Photo by Daedalus Howell I WORKED Until I didn’t.
May 11, 2022

Space Case: Co-working saves lives

When not properly stowed, writers go bad. Not their writing, but their souls. We curdle easily and need to...
Daedalus Howell SECRET CODE Do it if you dare.
May 4, 2022

Content is Dead, Long live content

By Daedalus Howell Remember when "content was king?" I do—in fact, I remember the very moment I first heard that...
Apr 27, 2022

Art Smarts – Where to send your PR

Self-help gurus sometimes coach artists to “stay in your own lane,” which is a wonderful affirmation of the infinite,...
Apr 19, 2022

Prestige Play: Local playwright David Templeton honored

“To be a or not to be a playwright” has crossed the mind of more than a few scribes....
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Mar 9, 2022

Holy Cripes — Coffee confessions

Confession: I drink cold coffee. Not the expensive hipster cold-pressed stuff, either—that isn’t confession-worthy. No, I make my own...
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Feb 23, 2022

Seattle or Bust — Finding Winter in the Heart of Spring

The trouble with living in California is that the winter rain lasts for two or three weeks and then...
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Feb 15, 2022

Cheap Eats—My Successful Search for North Bay Low-Budget Goodness

Wherever I live, I always line up a few cheap local eats that help me establish a culinary budget...
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