Clean Day No More

Letters to the Editor May 8, 2019


Clean Day
No More

Clean Day? In Guerneville? Where did it go?

Why are there no more volunteers for this wonderful service? Retired Vietnam veterans used to give time to this much needed service every Thursday from 10am–1pm. The homeless got free showers and a hot meal. Medical services were offered. Housing resources were available. Clean clothes were offered.

The mobile shower that was available on Mondays was run out of town due to a neighbor who did not like the smell of cigarette smoke next door.

Listen up, being homeless is down right frightening and horrible. Every second one is just trying to survive. Think about this: Where does one go if they need a restroom in Guerneville ? Some businesses will let you if you buy food. The bathrooms by the main Sheriff substation are what the general public use. Bars tend to throw the homeless out. Avoid the Bull Pen.

These services need to be available to those that need it. Next time you’re in Guerneville really look around.


Eye on Petaluma

Very impressed you landed several theaters (“Welcome to Lumaville,”
May 1, 2019)!


Praise Trump

President Trump’s political opponents are doing this nation and the entire world a huge disservice by criticizing President Trump as being too friendly with Russia’s President Putin.

The fate of the entire human race hangs by the most slender thread over the abyss of nuclear war. This possible nuclear holocaust is the greatest danger ever faced in our species’ history of one million years. Preventing this unbearable tragedy from happening must become the highest priority of every responsible human being.

I urge all those who are justifiably angry with President Trump for so many of his reactionary policies to suspend their anger toward him in his dealings with President Putin. Improving the U.S.’s relationship with Russia and specifically with President Putin is of the greatest importance in preventing the outbreak of a nuclear war with Russia.

Therefore I totally and unconditionally support President Trump’s efforts to create a friendlier relationship with President Putin. Saving humanity from a nuclear holocaust is our first duty as intelligent and responsible people.


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