Chicano Shredding

Metalachi combines mariachi and Axl Rose


There have been some crazy band ideas, but not always are they acted upon with such reverent fervor as Metalachi.

The idea is simple: traditional mariachi orchestration highlights the sweet melodies of heavy classic rock songs with a touch of theatrics for a fine-tuned ode to the dark lord in a fun and nonthreatening setting. It’s loco, one might say, but that’s how it goes.

Upon first glance, it might appear that these Los Angeles troubadours are, indeed, going off the rails on a crazy train. But no, they’re just livin’ on a prayer with the man in the box as they run to the hills to find the sweet child o’ mine. And, yes, those are all songs they’ve arranged for their unique style, and, yes, they’re all very, very mariachi.

Cover bands aren’t always a topic of conversation in the music business, as they are often seen as merely capitalizing on
other artists’ work and copying what’s already been done. But this sextet isn’t just a cover band; they’ve busted these songs open like a piñata and tied them back together with strings from the guitarrón and violin.
When the crucifixes go down and the trumpet rises, it’s Metalachi time. Metalachi plays Saturday, Dec. 21, at the Mystic Theatre.
21 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma. 8:30pm. $20. 707.765.2121.



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