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What We’re Reading

Everyone reads and writes Top 10 lists around this time of year, but how often does one get a...

Space Oddity

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is one of the universe's better-known space personalities, thanks to his version of David Bowie's...

Wings of Desire

As a feminist and avid reader, I'm familiar with most of the essential feminist writers of the past century,...

Battling Giants

Nobody wants to be the underdog, right? Not so, says New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell, whose latest book David...

Fall Book Fever

It's a banner season for book fans. Smarty Marty's Got Game, by San Francisco Giants reporter Amy Gutierrez, tells...

Rags to Romance

Like all media-based industries, publishing has seen its share of digital disruption. Unlike the music and film biz, however,...

Beyond Kabul

Khaled Hosseini appears at Santa Rosa High School

Planting Ideas

Jane Goodall's new book is not about chimps

Goliath Meets David

Some days, you think you know the world and the way it works. Other days, the wife of the...

Miller Time

Rebecca Miller to speak at Copperfield's

Shake It Up

An 80-proof fundraiser

Spank Me

The locally top-selling books of 2012


Daniel Coshnear's 'Occupy & Other Love Stories'

Up in the Air

New Kingsolver novel takes on climate change