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Napa Art Show Opens In-Person

After closing its 217-acre campus to the public last year due to the pandemic,...

Sonoma County Cities Developing Police-Free Crisis-Response Teams

Three Sonoma County cities are now developing crisis teams that will act as first responders to nonviolent 911 calls concerning mental illness.

California Attorney General’s Office Takes up Foppoli Investigation

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office and the California Attorney General's Office will lead the investigation into sexual assault allegations against Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli.

Open Mic: Sonoma County’s ‘Me Too’ Reckoning is Long Overdue

The recent revelations about Dominic Foppoli are the tip of a dirty and wretched iceberg that is long overdue to be destroyed.

Four Dead Grey Whales Found on Bay Area Beaches This Month

"Our team hasn't responded to this number of dead gray whales in such a short span since 2019," a biologist with the Marine Mammal Center says.

Several Inspiring Art Murals Are Coming to Sonoma Valley

Sonoma and Glen Ellen will be the scene for uplifting public art projects that...

Foppoli’s Fall: Who Knew About the Allegations Against Windsor’s Mayor?

Readers ask: Why did a San Francisco newspaper break the Dominic Foppoli story?

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Voice of a degeneration Like every other writer I know, I’m the voice of my...
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