Carrillo Case Update: 911 Tapes Released


Now that the trial’s over and Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo has been found not guilty of peeking, Santa Rosa police have released the victim’s 911 calls from July 13, when Carrillo was found in his underwear at 4am outside the woman’s apartment.

The victim, who remains anonymous, called 911 twice. The first time, she reported that a man was trying to get in to her house through her bedroom window. She said he was “shirtless and huge,” but sounded calm considering the situation. In the second call, 10 minutes later, she says, “he just fucking knocked on my door,” and was more agitated. During that call, which was with the same female dispatch operator, police arrived at the woman’s house. She remained on the phone with the 911 operator until contacting the officer outside her door.

She told the operator her friends were at the house, and that she was shaking. She testified on the witness stand that she and her friends had armed themselves with butcher knives between the two 911 calls.



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