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Petaluma group flyer
Mar 1, 2022

Petaluma-Based Group Responsible for Distributing Antisemitic Flyers

Marin residents awoke to discover antisemitic flyers on their lawns, driveways and streets last week. Now, local law enforcement is struggling to determine whether...
Covid testing - Steve Fisch/Stanford Medicine
Jan 11, 2022

Record-breaking Wave of Covid Hits the North Bay

Ella played it safe throughout most of the pandemic. With Delta cases waning and her daughter living in Granada, Spain, for a few months, December...
Farallon Islands - cricketsblog/Wikimedia
Dec 21, 2021

Coastal Commission Approves Plan to Poison Mice on Farallon Islands

The California Coastal Commission signed the death warrant for tens of thousands of house mice living on the South Farallon Islands. The controversial plan,...
Sep 1, 2021

Regrouping: Marin men’s group sticks together for over 40 years

I was recently invited to meet with eight men in a beautiful home perched on a hill in San Rafael. They wanted to share...
Jordan foster dog - June 2021
Jun 22, 2021

How Pandemic Pets Eased the Loneliness of the Covid Lockdown

It’s not just pandemic pets suffering from separation anxiety now that the lockdown is over—humans are having a hard time adjusting, too.
Nov 4, 2020

North Bay Activists Persevere During Pandemic

North Bay communities will continue to have urgent needs which aren’t always solved by filling in the right bubbles once every few years. So,...
Nov 2, 2020

‘Trump Train’ Descends on Marin City Shopping Center

Days before a contentious election, hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters drove into Marin County’s only Black community,...