Aug. 15: Glitter & Glass in Petaluma

"Silver Braids" by Lucia Antonelli

The contemporary glass movement began 50 years ago when artists like Marvin Lipofsky in Berkeley took melted and blown glass, and elevated it to an art form. In the half-century since, glass has become a complex and delicate medium for colorful and fantastical sculpture and jewelry, both of which will be on display for “All That Glitters,” a dual exhibition at Petaluma Art Center and IceHouse Gallery. Pieces by Lipofsky and the generations of glass artists he inspired will be on hand, as well as pieces curated by San Francisco’s Velvet da Vinci gallery. “All That Glitters” opens with a reception on Saturday, Aug. 15, at the Petaluma Art Center, 230 Lakeville St., Petaluma. 5pm. $4-$5. 707.762.5600. 



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