Announcing Our Animal Collective Cover Song Contest


We know, we know

. You tried to buy tickets. But floor seats were gone in three minutes

. Balcony seats not long after. Don’t even look on Craigslist–you’ll just get depressed.

Here’s the good news: the Bohemian has two general-admission floor tickets to see Animal Collective at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma on April 10

. We’re giving them away. They’re yours. No strings. You just have to enter our contest, and win.What contest is that, you ask? Why, it’s the Animal Collective Cover Song Contest

!The rules are easy:1. You record a cover of an Animal Collective song.2. You send the mp3 to us.3. We listen to it, discuss among ourselves and select some finalists.3. If you’re picked as the best entry, you win two tickets to the show

!Entries must be received by Sunday, April 3

. One entry per person. Winner will be announced in the April 6 issue of the Bohemian and on our Facebook page. We reserve the right to post your mp3 online. One need not have a band to submit an entry, and in fact, we’d probably be charmed if you sing while playing on a typewriter and ketchup bottle or something. Entries will be judged not on how accurately the song is represented but by how much it tickles our fancy, so be creative

.Send your mp3 to Leilani Clark at lclark [at]

.Get recording, and best of luck!



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