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Cotati's Zone Music goes out with a bang



The doors have been closed and padlocked since August, but before Cotati’s Zone Music disappears forever, friends and fans will come together for one last hurrah.

A nearly 30-year legacy of music and community involvement comes to an end on Oct. 10 with food, drinks and over 25 live musical acts. While the music store is no longer, the Zone Recording Studio is still going strong. Owner Blair Hardman reflects fondly on his longtime friendship and collaboration with Zone Music owner Frank Hayhurst (above) and looks forward to the farewell celebration.

“We had the ultimate symbiotic relationship,” Hardman says. “This is our chance to celebrate all those years and to say thank you to Frank. Twenty-nine years is a long time. It’s a life’s work, and he loved it more than anyone.”

While the downturn in the economy hit Wall Street hard, it hit small businesses harder. The combination of the recent recession and increased cost of credit meant less people were purchasing musical instruments. Add the internet to that equation, where people can buy products without sales tax or shipping, and Zone Music could no longer stay afloat in the mire of financial hardship.

“I had a business model that was obsolete and I didn’t know it,” says Hayhurst. “Being full service, having everything in every area, that’s expensive to maintain.”

The Zone Love Party features music from such bands and artists as Gabby LaLa, Pulsators, Bottle Shock and Rule 5. Festivities will also include a drum circle and belly dancers.

“These events are really spectacular for audiences,” says Hardman, “because they get a chance to hear so much material, and for the bands, too, because they can look around and see all their colleagues.”

In addition to the festivities and reminiscences, a silent auction of Zone Music memorabilia, instruments and artwork provides revelers an opportunity to have their own piece of Zone Music history.

The Zone Love Party shares the love on Sunday, Oct. 10, at the Sebastopol Community Center. 390 Morris St., Sebastopol. 5pm to 10pm. $15.



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